AIDS TO HUMAN ANATOMY For B. Sc. Nursing Students
First Edition

The book ‘AIDS TO HUMAN ANATOMY For B. Sc. Nursing Students’ has been care fully written for the 1st year students of B. Sc. nursing. It follows the revised curriculum of Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council. New topic in the examination such as select the best answer (SBA) was included, which is very much new to the students. The subject‘Human Anatomy’ is a tiny difficult to the students because of its vast syllabus; so that the students have to do hard work to pass in the examination.

To facilitate students in understanding the examination process, all topics including multiple choice question (MCQ), SBA, structured oral examination (SOE), objective structured practical examination (OSPE), short answer question (SAQ) and updated syllabus were written in easy language.

This book is actually the outcome of my long experience of teaching Anatomy in nursing education. I hope the knowledge collected from this book will be quite useful for the targeted readers the ‘Nursing Students’ and help them score high in the examinations.

As a teacher I have tried my level best to make the book interesting to the students and easy to understand. Criticism, comments and suggestion from the readers for the improvement of the next edition are welcomed.

A.H.M. Mostafa Kamal 
Azimpur, Dhaka 

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