Anatomy has always been considered to provide a firm foundation to the medical science. Therefore it gives us enormous pleasure to present the 2nd edition of HUMAN ANATOMY For B. Sc. Nursing Students to the medical education. Great care has been taken to select the topics and diagrams based on the syllabus of B. Sc nursing students and to meet the demand of nursing education in our health sectors.With minor changes in certain topics and the text covers, every chapter has been thoroughly revised and updated. Extensive work has been done on pictures and diagrams. The size of many figures that were too big or too small has been adjusted. Some figures have been replaced with new ones. We are confident that this popular fundamental book of HUMAN ANATOMY For B.Sc. Nursing Students will be the most useful anatomy book for B.Sc nursing and allied students. Critisim, comments and suggestions for further improvement of the next edition are welcomed.
Shamim Ara 
A.H.M.Mostafa Kamal 
January’ 2019  

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