Tutorial Classes

Serial Tutorial Title Action
448 Justify functional importance of eccentric contraction of muscle [Download
447 New Curriculum Syllabus Written First Professional Examination 2023 [Download
413 Construction of MCQ SBA MTF [Download
408 How to Prepare Better MCQ SAQ OSPE By BSMMU [Download
399 Background papers to teach Generic topics on Medical Humanities in Phase -I [Download
398 ASB Election EC 2022 [Download
374 Superior Extremity Tutorial Outline 2021 [Download
336 Head & Neck Card: Tutorial Outline [Download
328 youtube [Download
227 ITEM CARD: Superior Extremity [Download
212 Syllabus: ANATOMY: MBBS [Download
184 Superior Extremity: Tutorial Outline [Download
150 THORAX : item : Tutorial Outline [Download
140 ITEM CARD: Histology [Download
139 ITEM CARD: Regional ANatomy [Download
138 Book List: Anatomy 2020 [Download
137 Academic Calender: 2019-2020 [Download
131 CNS & Eyeball: Tutorial Outline [Download
112 Inferior Extremity-ITEM- Tutorial Outline [Download
111 Inferior Extremity: ITEM : Tutorial Outline [Download
109 Syllabus OSPE: LIVING (SURFACE) ANATOMY- 2nd Term Final Examination [Download
108 Syllabus OSPE - DISSECTION- 2nd Term Final Examination [Download
107 Syllabus SOE: CLINICAL ANATOMY- 2nd Term Final Examination [Download
106 Syllabus OSPE - ANATOMY OF RADIOLOGY AND IMAGES- 2nd Term Final Examination [Download
87 Abdomen: ITEMS : Tutorial Outline [Download
82 Syllabus OSPE: LIVING (SURFACE) ANATOMY- 1st Term Final Examination [Download
81 Syllabus OSPE - DISSECTION- 1st Term Final Examination [Download
80 Syllabus SOE: CLINICAL ANATOMY- 1st Term Final Examination- 1st Term Final Examination [Download
79 Syllabus OSPE - ANATOMY OF RADIOLOGY AND IMAGES- 1st Term Final Examination [Download
28 Oral cavity & Pharynx [Download

Dr. AHM Mostafa Kamal is a medical doctor by profession and an M.Phil graduate. He is also an independent Human Anatomy specialist. He was exposed to teaching in anatomy in different medical colleges as well as in nursing colleges in Bangladesh and has the independent ability to teach MBBS, BDS, MD/MS (Part-I) and B.Sc. in nursing students.

Contact Details

Email: info@ahmmostafakamal.com
Website: www.ahmmostafakamal.com

Dr. AHM Mostafa Kamal,
Associate Professor,
Department of Anatomy,
Dhaka Medical College Dhaka-1000

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